1. General 

Pepparkakan.com (Wideberg Invest AB) is the selling part and oers products to Companies & Individuals.
By completing your order on our website, you agree to our terms of purchase, terms of use, trademark use
and privacy policy. Pepparkakan.com (Wideberg Invest AB) reserves the right to change these terms at any
time and therefore we recommend that you as a customer always read the general terms of purchase before
a purchase. The terms apply to sales to companies & individuals over 18 years. All trademarks, service marks
and trade names (collectively “trademarks”) used on this website are trademarks or registered trademarks
of and owned by the customer or other respective owners, associations, organizations, companies
that have granted you the right to provide our services for you as customer.

2. Prices

Our prices on the website are stated Excl. VAT 12% for companies & for private individuals Incl. VAT 12%
There will be additional shipping costs depending on the desired delivery address.
We reserve the right to make any price and currency changes.

3. Delivery

Delivery to corporate customer 1-16 working days from order date or as agreed.
Deliveries to corporate customers take place by courier, half pallet or full pallet between 08.00-17.00 weekdays.
The customer is responsible that the bid half pallet or full pallet can be delivered at the delivery address and
that a signature is made to the driver if requested.
Delivery to a private person within 1-20 working days from the order date or as agreed.
Orders placed on the website, delivery to private individuals with packages and delivered to the nearest
delivery point. We do not deliver to box addresses. Although we strive to deliver within the announced
time frame, delivery may take longer due to unexpected events.
If there is a significant delay in your delivery, we will inform you of any changes.
All printed products are related specifically on behalf of the customer. This means that the order is binding
and that returns are not approved. You also confirm that the completed information and approval of the desired
design are correct. You as a customer are responsible for incorrect information.
We reserve the right to price adjustments and technical errors.

4. Shipping cost

Corporate customers, you see the shipping costs before ordering.
Private individuals, shipping costs are included in the price.

5. Payment

When you shop with us, you are offered payment against the invoice payment deadline 10-30 days from
invoice date according to agreed, when you accept placed orders we do a customary credit check.
You pay according to the chosen payment method. when you accept placed orders, we do a customary credit check.
The invoice is sent via e-mail as standard, for paper invoicing a fee of SEK 45 is charged.
If the invoice is not approved as a payment method, we will contact you to oer other options.

6. Retention of title

The products remain the property of Pepparkakan.com’s (Wideberg Invest AB) until they have been paid for in full.
The terms of purchase are considered accepted when ordering. Disputes regarding interpretations or application
of these terms of purchase and related legal matters shall be settled in accordance with Swedish law.

7. Delivery control

Always check the delivery. Check the packaging carefully upon delivery.
If you see or notice that the packaging has been damaged, ask the driver to note the damage on the delivery note
or in the hand computer.
Please contact Pepparkakan.com immediately for further information.
Take a photo of damaged goods and email the following: info@pepparkakan.com

8. Complaint

All printed products are related specifically on behalf of the customer.
This means that the order is always binding and that returns are not accepted after the original order has
been approved. In case of any other errors please contact: info@pepparkakan.com for further information.
In the event of an approved complaint, Pepparkakan.com (Wideberg Invest AB)
compensates for any damages incurred.

9. Warranty

We reserve the right to make unforeseen events that could cause possible delivery delays, force majeure in
the event of war, natural disaster, pandemic, industrial action, government decisions and comparable events
beyond our control which could not be reasonably foreseen, and affect agreements entered into and
commitments on our part. , which means that we can not keep the said agreement / commitment,
shall form the basis for us to be released from our obligations to fulfill the said agreement.

10. Right of return & exchange

We follow the practice regarding return & exchange rights for food & specially manufactured products.

11. Privacy Policy & Cookies

You can find our Privacy Policy & Cookies here

12. Company information

Wideberg Invest AB (Pepparkakan.com)
Alviksvägen 65
167 53 Bromma

Organization number:

VAT registration number:
SE 559267613301

13. Contact
Phone: +46 766 26 26 20
Email: info@pepparkakan.com
Website: www.pepparkakan.com

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