Environmental work

A sustainable environmental strategy must be based on a long-term perspective.
 Materials with high durability and recycling rate are the first step on our path.

For us, this is an obvious part of our strategy and something that permeates everything we do: Quality and Function are important keywords for us.

Our environmental strategy means working for continuous improvements in the environmental area by integrating environmental issues into all operations.

Economics and ecology often go hand in hand, both are about managing resources.
When we choose suppliers that we will collaborate with. 
it is important for us to be able to influence the development towards sustainable products, both in terms of packaging solutions with minimal environmental impact.

As for the content of the cookies, the products are entirely free from palm oil.

We work closely with our suppliers, which strive for carbon dioxide neutrality. The Carbon Neutral Company’s lists the companies that can handle carbon dioxide emissions with zero net impact, our can supplier holds the certification.

As a customer, you should always feel safe when you buy one of our products. You can always rest assured that we have taken all the measures we can along the way to be able to deliver a product or service that is as perfect as possible from an environmental point of view.

These obvious choices permeate our entire business, so you can always feel safe.

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