Not everyone knows that there is a Gingerbread Day
… Which occurs on December 9!

Kung Hans pepparkaksmedicin

The modern gingerbread has inherited its name from the 16th century predecessor from Basel and Aachen. At that time, people were fascinated by exotic spices, which they more mediated Europeans could aord. Pepper was one of the more readily available spices, and man believed that it had beneficial medicinal properties. The gingerbread cookies were often baked off nuns and was sold in pharmacies as medicine for various ailments.

In the 18th century, sugar from the Caribbean competed with the older spicy recipes

Swedish-Norwegian-Danish King Hans, who ruled 1497–1501, was ordained gingerbread by his doctor. The reason was that the king was often in a bad mood, and it was common knowledge you get happy with gingerbread.

Gingerbread writes history

Swedish astronaut Christer Fuglesang oered gingerbread, when he was the first in 2006 Swedish in space was aboard the space shuttle Discovery

The first documentary eating of gingerbread in Sweden dates back to the 14th century when Impaired costs for the purchase of raw materials clearly indicate that they baked gingerbread cookies to the wedding between King Magnus Eriksson and Blanka of Namur.

Gingerbread was still imported in the 16th century, Gustav Vasa writes to Germund Svensson about a ship that sank o southern Öland and was completely wrecked so that its cargo with among other things, gingerbread has been spoiled.

We have delivered gingerbread to many different countries and there will be more …

When does a gingerbread taste best?

Although gingerbread cookies are mostly associated with Christmas, they are great to eat all year round, around the world – especially with the company’s own brand or with a personal message.

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