Our value-creating customers

Create awareness around your brand or someone
who needs appreciation.

We print the desired text / logo on the Gingerbread cookies with icing in your own design jar. We have previously only offered our products to companies, but now we also let private individuals have the opportunity after a lot of inquiries.Pepparkakan.com is very keen to create ADDED VALUE for your brand and you as a customer through our products. We offer both the classic round gingerbread and the traditional gingerbread hrart Choose a shape and give us an original on the logo or print you want.

Award tasting Gingerbread year after year our partner
– Nyåkers Gingerbread –
Create attention
This is how you create attention with your company. Let us put your brand or message on Nyåker's good Gingerbread
Print your brand!
The method we have created and use allows us to make very detailed and beautiful prints
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You, we and your customers create added value!

We are proud to create added value for your company with the help of our valued products! Our focus is on service, and that you as a customer can feel safe and get help with everything from original work, order placement to delivery.

There are different designs on the jars that are suitable for the desired purpose, of course with or without pressure.

We offer both the classic round gingerbread and the traditional gingerbread heart choose the shape and give us an original on your logo or desired message.

The customer’s experience is joy, fi kasuget is reminded especially when the brand is visible on the gingerbread, appreciated among the customer’s customers.

With your print on Sweden’s tastiest gingerbread, it can only be a success!

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